Painted Boards Gallery 2


"Thanks so much for my fabulous board - I get soooo many compliments on it!" - MB, NY

Detail of Painted Artwork






"I'm lost for words!...Looks better than I hoped, and the colors are exactly right!" - ND, the UK






"The board was the toast of the club today, inspiring such epithets as 'a work of art'..." -SB, Ottawa, Canada





"Steve LOVED the board; it's gorgeous, everything I expected and more!" -KH, Canada





Phillies-themed baseball board!

"My friend, and everyone who saw it, LOVED the board!"  -GF





"Awesome job...your board is such a hit...everywhere we go we are asked where we got it" -GF, CA




Makes a unique wedding gift!


"Absolutely have another very happy customer." -JH, the UK


"Jason gets compliments on his board every time he plays!" - SS



"'re a great communicator, you gave me exactly what I asked for..." -HS, Canada


"Thank you, my wife was happy with it!" -NB, NJ








Sorry about the photo quality...the true colors are much better than shown.